Gromacs code

Analysis or utility programs (typically written in C) for Gromacs.

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[DIR]HyGate/2012-06-30 05:38 - JPhysChem 2001 paper (setup files for model pores)
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[   ]PMFtutorial-0.1.tar.bz22006-01-10 12:08 6.8M 
[TXT]README.html2012-01-02 19:52 1.6K 
[   ]UmbrellaSetup-1.0.tar.bz22006-01-10 12:08 21Kscripts for setting up umbrella sampling
[   ]g_count-0.1.tar.bz22006-01-10 12:08 88Kg_count and g_flux
[   ]g_count-0.2.tar.bz22008-01-14 15:27 41Kg_count and g_flux
[   ]g_count-0.3.tar.bz22009-01-19 16:32 41Kg_count and g_flux
[   ]g_count-gmx4.0-6.tar.bz22010-12-03 16:34 36Kg_count and g_flux
[   ]g_count-gmx4.2.tar.bz22009-06-15 16:50 37Kg_count and g_flux
[   ]g_count-gmx4.3.tar.bz22009-06-24 19:44 34Kg_count and g_flux
[   ]g_count-gmx4.4.tar.bz22009-07-02 17:05 35Kg_count and g_flux
[   ]g_count-gmx4.5.tar.bz22009-07-22 16:32 47Kg_count and g_flux
[   ]g_diff.tar.bz22006-02-15 18:46 8.2M 
[   ]gmx_rescue64-1.3.tar.gz2006-01-10 12:08 9.1Krescue corrupted xtc >2GB
[   ]gmx_rescue64-1.4.tar.gz2007-08-24 23:28 8.3Krescue corrupted xtc >2GB
[   ]gridcount-1.0.1.tar.bz22006-01-10 12:08 41K3D density analysis
[   ]gridcount-1.1.1.tar.gz2007-05-16 20:04 51K3D density analysis
[   ]gridcount-1.1.3.tar.gz2008-05-08 15:46 51K3D density analysis
[   ]gridcount-gmx4.0-1.0.tar.gz2010-02-18 23:59 63K3D density analysis
[   ]gridcount-gmx4.0-1.1.tar.gz2010-03-03 18:26 57K3D density analysis
[   ]gridcount-gmx4.0-1.2.tar.gz2010-08-05 16:53 57K3D density analysis
[   ]gridcount-gmx4.0-1.3a.tar.gz2010-12-03 14:45 58K3D density analysis
[   ]gromacsified_wham_1.x.diff.bz22006-01-10 12:08 8.8Kpatches to use Alan Grossfield's wham with Gromacs
[   ]gromacsified_wham_2.0.2-ob1.diff.bz22009-01-28 02:23 21Kpatches to use Alan Grossfield's wham with Gromacs
[   ]gromacsified_wham_2.0.2.diff.bz22008-08-15 16:14 17Kpatches to use Alan Grossfield's wham with Gromacs
[TXT]labelatoms.tcl2006-01-10 12:08 780 label atoms in VMD
[   ]thesis_analysiscode.pdf2006-01-10 12:08 557KDocumentation for analysis code

With the exception of gmx_rescue64 all code is made available under the GNU Public License. Please see the the files README and INSTALL where available. Also check the Gromacs mailinglist archives.

NO WARRANTY. This stuff works for me but your mileage may vary.

This said, I try to help with problems. Direct feedback to, quoting version numbers and as much detail as possible. Have a look at the excellent How to report bugs effectively (yes, it's long; skip to the Summary at the end if in a hurry) and How to ask questions the smart way. Thanks!

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