Biggin Group - Computational Biochemistry

Join Us!

If you are interested in joining the group, then please contact us as soon as you can for an informal chat. The earlier the contact is made the better the chances of being funded! Funded post-doc positions are advertised as and when they arise. However, we really encourage you to apply for independent funding as well, where we can advise and assist on the research proposal. Be advised that the timeline for many of these is somewhere between 9 and 15 months so early preparation is vital.

Specific PhD studentships for the lab are advertised, but most students come in via one of the main DTC programs:

Computational Discovery
Systems Approaches to Biomedical Sciences
Oxford Interdisciplinary Biosciences Doctoral Training Partnership.
Wellcome Trust Structural Biology Programme
Wellcome Trust Chemistry in Cells

If you are already in Oxford, then feel free to come and chat informally at any time. International students intending to apply for independent scholarhips should do so as soon as possible.

Marie Curie: If you are a post-doc thinking of applying for the Marie Curie Fellowship, please be aware that the EU has one deadline, but that the University imposes a deadline on us that is 2-3 weeks before that. It is critical you consult the central university website to establish the Oxford deadline and make sure that we have the best chance to submit a decent proposal in good time. You should also be prepared to visit the lab to discuss your proposal long before the deadlines.