Membrane Signalling and Transport:

Computation and Experiment

Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford, UK. April 15-17th 2015.

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The conference "Membrane Signalling and Transport: Computation and Experiment" will take place Wednesday 15th to Friday 17th April 2015. The aim of the conference is to discuss recent structural and functional developments of membrane proteins in experimental and computational contexts. Topics covered will include ligand-gated ion channels, transporters, GPCRs and viral proteins and should be of interest to members of the pharmaceutical industry as well as those in academia. There will be opportunities for oral and poster presentations. Contributions from students and postdocs are particularly welcome. So far the invited list of speakers is as follows:-

NEW - Registration is now open!

  • Isabel Bermudez (Brookes University)
  • Ingo Greger (MRC Cambridge)
  • Derek Bowie (McGill University)
  • Lucia Sivilotti (UCL)
  • Marc Baaden (Paris)
  • Erik Lindahl (Stockholm)
  • Bob Ford (University of Manchester)
  • Gerhard Ecker (Vienna)
  • Simon Newstead (Oxford)
  • Birgit Schoitt (Aarhus)
  • Christian Kandt(Bonn)
  • Ben Tehan (Heptares)
  • Alex Heifetz (Evotec)
  • Chris Reynolds (Essex)
  • Slawomir Filipek (Warsaw)

More information will appear on this website in due course.

For further information please contact:
Dr Phil Biggin
Department of Biochemistry
South Parks Road

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