Short shell or perl scripts or shell functions or python code---please read the source and peruse the help function (-h or --help) where available. For some scripts customisation of the source code might be necessary.

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[   ]vmd_remote.tar.bz222-Nov-2007 01:52 4.7Kremote control vmd from python
[TXT]tracks2m3u.pl10-Jan-2006 12:07 3.8K 
[TXT]tiler.sh23-May-2006 22:05 3.8Kdistribute PNGs over A4 pages
[   ]remozilla10-Jan-2006 12:07 2.2Kmozilla/firefox wrapper
[   ]numdiff10-Jan-2006 12:07 2.9Ksubtract logfiles
[TXT]mail2tex.pl10-Jan-2006 12:07 2.5KLaTeX typeset mailfolder
[TXT]kin2vmd.py27-Sep-2007 18:21 19Kkinemage to VMD converter
[TXT]ha.sh10-Jan-2006 12:07 3.1Knamed arrays in bash
[   ]ged10-Jan-2006 12:07 3.1Kgnupg wrapper
[   ]datediff10-Jan-2006 12:07 1.1Ksubtract dates
[   ]ccd.bash10-Jan-2006 12:07 2.8Kpersistent cd (bash)
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[TXT]HEADER.html02-Jan-2012 19:52 881  

These scripts were written by Oliver Beckstein and are either placed in the public domain or made available under the GNU Public License. Please see the comments at the top of each script for the terms of licensing.

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