New Music

Enjoy some new music. The files below are stream-ripped from Bethany Weimers' site (nowadays you can also get the mp3s from her site–the copies on this site are here to promote the artist and I am happy to remove them as soon as anyone asks me to). Live she's at least as good as the samples imply.

If you like female voices then you should look into the music discussed in the Ectophiles' Guide. In particular you really should listen to Happy Rhodes' music. You can find many full length Happy Rhodes mp3s (legally!) on (see also xenussister's thread on

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[SND]Bethany_Weimers-I_ll_be_waiting.ogg2006-01-10 12:21 3.5M 
[SND]Bethany_Weimers-Viva_la_Liberta.ogg2006-01-10 12:21 4.1M 
[SND]Bitter Love.m4a2006-01-10 12:21 5.0M 
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The ogg files are ogg vorbis encoded and can be played with most modern media players. The m4a files should work with iTunes.

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