California 2005

As mentioned before, being an academic (with a travel budget) is good. Having a conference such as Biophysics 2005 in California is even better.

San Francisco pictures

Hwy 1 and San Francisco

Driving up the coastal highway 1, stopped in St Barbara, Monterey (great aquarium!), and San Francisco (with a detour to Marine headlands (good views on the bridge) and Muir Wood (wonderful trees), ie: plenty of photographs to show.

(Left: Jellyfish in Monterey Bay aquarium)

Yosemite pictures

Yosemite valley

From San Francisco I drove into Yosemite Valley within 3h; the lower roads and the valley floor were snow free but the upper rim had half a metre of snow–great to bivouac in, the nights over the valley were breathtaking (and luckily I did not encounter any bears). You'll get sick of Halfdome pictures, though.

(Left: The view of Halfdome that was immortalised by Anselm Adams; taken in February 2005 around noon.)

California panoramic images

Panoramic images

Panoramas from San Diego, San Francisco, and Yosemite; most of them aren't very good because I did not fix exposure (and couldn't be bothered to clean up in post-production); there are horizontal panoramas and a vertical one.

(Left: San Francisco's skyline, seen from Telegraph Hill.)

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