Railay/Thailand 2005

Given the great success of the Kalymnos adventure, Jeff, Wendy, Hollye, John, Sarah, Paolo, and Oli decided to go for more exotic clim(b|e)s in August 2005. The destination was the  Railay pensinsula on Thailand's western coast, where we stayed at the Sand and Sea Resort.

Despite rainy season it wasn't very rainy but fairly hot and humid. The water had 30 degrees (down to 11m depth). There are many, many bolted pitches, though bolted is not quite the right word as a lot of protection is rope-slings threaded through the porous limestone. There are many good climbs to be found, and the environment is always very exoctic: Climb on the cliffs from the beach and then look over the blue waters. After that: have a fruit shake.

Note that the teaser pictures aren't so much about climbing but rather about having a relaxed holiday...

Panoramic pictures

Panoramic images. These panoramas were stitched from single shots using Hugin. Horizontal and vertical panoramas can be viewed separately.

(Left: Sunset bay, seen from Thaiwand wall.)

All images in this section: Copyright © 2005 Oliver Beckstein

John's and Sarah's pictures

Pictures taken by John and Sarah.

(Left: Pranang beach at high tide, and Sarah is sampling the 30 degree water. (Actually, a few other swimmers and the jellyfish-protection nets were electronically removed from this teaser image–don't believe everything you see!)

All images in this section: Copyright © 2005 John Holyoake and Sarah Williams

Jeff and Wendy's pictures

Photographs taken by Jeff and Wendy, which feature Hollye prominently (and rightly so as she came along everywhere).

(Left: A golden Buddha in a temple in Bangkok)

All images in this section: Copyright © 2005 Jeff & Wendy Campbell

Paolo's pictures

Paolo's images.

(Left: Night on the beach.)

All images in this section: Copyright © 2005 Paolo Tammaro

Oli's pictures

Pictures taken by Oli.

(Left: A local guide is abseiling before us from Thaiwand wall. A 250m cave lead through the mountain and connected Sunset bay with Pranang beach but one needed to climb or abseil on the Sunset bay side. Very cool.

All images in this section: Copyright © 2005 Oliver Beckstein

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