Finale 2005

A short trip to Finale near Genova, Italy. Perhaps the best time of the year to go is autumn: the weather was wonderful, food was outstanding, and the climbing was good, too. I have no idea why Italians actually leave their country.

John's pictures

Pictures taken by John. Note that all images were shot with his trusty Sony-Ericsson S700i (2 Megapixels). John and Oli were constantly taking pictures whereas Paolo simply knew every path and pitch (which means that we did not need a guide book). He introduced us to multi-pitch climbing on the classic (and very easy) five-pitch Simonetta; the challenge was the rope work, not the climbing.

(Left: One of the many churches in the Finale valleys.)

All images in this section: Copyright © 2005 John Holyoake

Oli's pictures

Pictures taken by Oli, using his old Canon Powershot A40 (which has as many Megapixels as John's mobile phone camera) and his Nokia 6230i (1.3 Mega pixel). Some images were stitched as panoramas using Hugin. (Left: Panorama of sunset over the valley, just when we finished Simonetta)

All images in this section: Copyright © 2005 Oliver Beckstein

Additional comments and route description might be added in the future... or not, judging from previous entries.

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