Team V

[Team V]

Team V after fullfillment of essential objectives on Day 4, including drinking other teams under the table (Alcopops!) and being the first team on the dancefloor [probably---and noone else did a professional (erhem...) dance routine (wash your hair...)]. Main objective accomplished without running out of time: Fun was had.

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It might be useful to have names and email addresses in one place. If anything changes, drop me a few lines and I'll update the list. If anyone is uncomfortable with having their details listed here I will remove them again.

Members of glorious Team V
First nameSurnameemailTown
JustinBenesch Cambridge
PaulaClarke York
FionaCrawford Manchester
ChristineCurrie Southampton
MikeLeigh Procter & Gamble
CarolMcAnally EPSRC
CassMcCann Bristol
IngaThomson Edinburgh

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[The Reduced Gradschool Company in action]

Before I forget everything I might as well write it down ... however, the script of the (in)famous Reduced Gradschool Company should suffice:

Day 1
Throwing balls, learning names, and not getting it right first time... in fact, G23A5 paper booklets will haunt a few people for quite a while. Learning how to appreciate and regret... and learn to r-e-a-d e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g (important) s-l-o-o-o-o-w-l-y. Did we really work from 8:50 until 22:00 ??
Day 2
Outdoor in Brathay---the only time when most of us actually realised that they are in the Lake District (apart from people running around the lake in the (almost) wee hours of morning... phew). The spectrum of enjoyment covers a wide range (although avoiding spiders is generally rated a fun thing to do in a team). Feedback/Reflection/Feedback... BED!
[Negotiating an International Treaty]
Day 3
Saving Castlefield is accomplished though still a lack of coordinators seems apparent; RIs don't seem to be required in this case and the future for Castlefield and Arlington becomes a bright one (including oriental gardens). In the afternoon we find out what it is like to be the representatives of the Power That Defends FreedomTM: Have you got oil? Diamonds? Markets? Even more feedback (1-feedback, 2-feedback, 3-feedback, 4-feedback. Go!). Plus making paperhats, daggers, beautiful signs and consuming fair amounts of wine. [Someone commented on the evening: I created a monster. We'll see....]
Day 4
Do something that you feel strongly about (didn't we do this yesterday evening---drinking wine and having a good time together?)... or do they mean yet another case study exercise? CV surgery and interviewing finish off the day. Is it really already over?
[Spiders Web (big insect!)]
No.. not quite, or otherwise yesterday evening's preparations had been in vain: The Reduced Gradschool Company presents: UKGRADschool in less than 2 Minutes: And then: CHEESE! (or what some people call music ;-) ). To perform the steps for Tragedy is left as an exercise to the reader (remember, you can sing for yourself---just think of Mike doing it).
[Team dancing]
[V dancing]
[3 graces]
Day 5
Apparently, it's already over. Strange. What remains?

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[Brilliant Team V]

There are about 30 pictures from Thursday evening. All of them are shown in the picture overview. You download a picture by (shift-) clicking on it in the overview. Each picture is about 500 kB in size. Unfortunately, some didn't come out properly [as in: completely black] because the flash went on strike.

As you might have guessed, some of the pictures on this page have been slightly improved electronically (At least in the opinion of the artist (if one may call someone playing around with lots of controls in a digital image manipulation program an artist) reduced red eyes and vanishing boring backgrounds constitute aesthetic progress. The verdict is not quite as unambigous on the matter of fancy light effects...). For the real geeks: This was done with The Gimp.

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