Table of Proteins

Preview Image Protein PDB Code Method Bacteria Notes
1BXW OmpA 1BXW X-ray (2.5 A) E. coli Porin. Possible structural role.
1K24 OpcA 1K24 X-ray (2.03 A) N. meningitidis OpcA outer membrane adhesin/invasin
2222 OprF 2222 Homology model P. aeruginosa Modelled on OmpA
1111 PmOmpA 1111 Homology model P. multocida N-terminal domain modelled on OmpA, C-terminal domain on RmpM (1r1m)
1P4T NspA 1P4T X-ray (2.55 A) N. meningitidis Neisserial surface protein A
1MM5 PagP 1MM5 NMR E. coli Phospholipase
1G90 OmpX 1G90 NMR E. coli Promotes bacterial adhesion and entry into mammalian cells
1UYN NalP 1UYN X-ray (2.6 A) N. meningitidis Translocator domain of autotransporter NalP
1TLY Tsx 1TLY X-ray (3.0 A) E. coli Nucleoside-specific channel-forming protein Tsx
1EK9 TolC 1EK9 X ray (2.1 A) E. coli Implicated in type I secretion
2F1C OmpG 2F1C X-ray (2.3 A) E. coli Porin
1PHO PhoE 1PHO X-ray (3.0 A) E. coli Phosphoporin
1NQE BtuB 1NQE X-ray (2.0 A) E. coli Cobalamin transporter
1KMO FecA 1KMO X ray (2.0 A) E. coli Outer membrane transported FecA
1FEP FepA 1FEP X-ray (2.4 A) E. coli Ferric enterobactin receptor
1BY3 FhuA 1BY3 X ray (2.74 A) E. coli FhuA from E.coli (apo)
1XKH FpvA 1XKH X ray (2.0 A) P. aeruginosa Pyoverdine outer membrane receptor

Dr Syma Khalid, Structural Bioinformatics & Computational Biochemistry, University of Oxford.