Uses of Class

Packages that use SequencePosition is a collection of classes representing multiple levels of structural data 

Uses of SequencePosition in

Methods in that return SequencePosition
 SequencePosition Sequence.getPosition(int i)
          Returns sequence position #i
 SequencePosition Sequence.getPositionByIndex(int index)
          Returns sequence position of given index

Methods in that return types with arguments of type SequencePosition
 java.util.ArrayList<SequencePosition> Sequence.getAsArrayList()
          Returns sequence as an ArrayList object

Methods in with parameters of type SequencePosition
 void Sequence.addPosition(SequencePosition pos)
          Adds a new position to the sequence
 void Sequence.insertPosition(int i, SequencePosition pos)
          Inserts the given sequence position to position #i Note that you may have to re-index sequence positions after using this method
 void Sequence.removePosition(SequencePosition pos)
          Removes the given sequence position
 void Sequence.setPosition(int i, SequencePosition pos)
          Replaces position #i with the given sequence position