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Dr Heidi Koldsø

Structural Bioinformatics and Computational Biochemistry Unit
Dept. of Biochemistry
University of Oxford
South Parks Road

Telephone: 01865 613304
Fax: 01865 613238

e-mail: heidi.koldsoe@bioch.ox.ac.uk

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Coarse-grained and atomistic molecular dynamics simulations of signaling complexes


I obtained my BSc, MSc and PhD degrees in Medicinal Chemistry from Aarhus University, Aarhus, Denmark. My PhD research was mainly focused on homology modelling, induced fit docking and molecular dynamics simulations of human monoamine transporters.
Additionally, effects of post-translational modfications, pH and pathogenic mutations on two amyloid proteins (Prion and FAS1-4 domain of TGFBIp) were explored by molecuar dynamics simulations.


My current research is focused on the properties of gp130 cytokine receptor complexes studied by coarse-grained and atomistic molecular dynamics simulations. Additionally, I am working on methods to construct very complex physiological relevant asymmetric membranes.
The work is supported by the Alfred Benzon Foundation
I was a co-PI on a awarded grant for 5 million core hours on the UK based STFC's Blue Gene/Q for a projected concerning complex and crowded membranes. I am currently co-PI on a successful PRACE grant application (2014-2015) focused on curvature in large lipid bilayer systems (12.7 million CPU hours).


Google Scholar Profile
h-index: 7
total citations: 159
(citation statistics: Google Scholar, March, 2015)

*Equal contributions, #Corresponding Author
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Last updated 17 March 2015