Table of Proteins

Preview Image Protein PDB Code Method Bacteria Notes
1SHG SH3 1SHG X-ray (1.8A) Gallus gallus Src Homology 3 domain
1KT7 Holo-RBP 1KT7 X-ray (1.27A) B. taurus Bovine retinol-binding protein
2Q7R FLAP 2Q7R X-ray (4.0A) E. coli 5-lipoxygenase activating protein
1MT5 FAAH 1MT5 X-ray (2.8A) E. coli Fatty acid amide hydrolase
1A0T ScrY 1A0T X-ray (2.4A) S. typhimurium Sucrose-specific sugar transporter
1OSM OmpK36 1OSM X-ray (3.2A) K. Pneumoniae OmpK36 Osmoporin
1PHO PhoE 1PHO X-ray (3.0A) E. coli Phosphoporin
1PRN Porin 1PRN X-ray (2.0A) R. blastica Integral membrane protein porin
2FGQ Omp32 2FGQ X-ray (1.5A) C. acidovorans Porin Omp32
2J1N OmpC 2J1N X-ray (2.0A) E. coli Osmoporin OmpC
2MPR mal-l 2MPR X-ray (2.4A) S. typimurium Maltoporin
2O4V OprP 2O4V X-ray (1.9A) P. aeruginosa Porin OprP
2OMF OmpF 2OMF X-ray (2.4A) E. coli Matrix porin outer membrane protein F
2POR Porin 2POR X-ray (1.8A) R. capsulatus Porin
1UUN MPSA 1UUN X-ray (2.5A) M. smegmatis Main porin from mycobacterium smegmatis
1BXW OmpA 1BXW X-ray (2.5A) E. coli Outer membrane protein A transmembrane domain
1I78 OmpT 1I78 X-ray (2.6A) E. coli Outer membrane protease OmpT
1K24 OpcA 1K24 X-ray (2.0A) N. meningitidis Outer Membrane Adhesin/Invasin OpcA
1THQ PagP 1THQ NMR E. coli Outer membrane enzyme PagP
1MM4 PagP 1MM4 NMR E. coli PagP in dpc micelle
1MM5 PagP 1MM5 NMR E. coli PagP in og micelle
1P4T NspA 1P4T X-ray (2.6A) N. meningitidis Neisserial surface outer membrane protein A
1QD5 OMPLA 1QD5 X-ray (2.2A) E. coli Outer membrane phospholipase A monomeric form
1QD6 OMPLA 1QD6 X-ray (2.1A) E. coli Outer membrane phospholipase A dimeric form
1QJ8 OmpX 1QJ8 X-ray (1.9A) E. coli Outer membrane protein OmpX
2F1V OmpW 2F1V X-ray (2.7A) E. coli Outer membrane protein W
1TLY Tsx 1TLY X-ray (3.0A) E. coli Nucleoside-specific channel-forming protein tsx
1UYN Nalp 1UYN X-ray (2.6A) N. meningitidis Translocator domain of autotransporter nalp, residues 776 - 1083
3BS0 TodX 3BS0 X-ray (2.6A) P. putida TodX hydrocarbon transporter
2IWV OmpG 2IWV X-ray (2.3A) E. coli Monomeric outer membrane porin OmpG
2ODJ OprD 2ODJ X-ray(2.9A) P. aeruginosa Outer membrane protein OprD
2QTK OpdK 2QTK X-ray (2.8A) P. aeruginosa OpdK hydrocarbon transporter
2GR8 Hia 1022-1098 2GR8 X-ray (2.0A) H. influenzae Adhesin fragment 1128-1204
2QOM EspP 2QOM X-ray(2.66A) E. coli EspP autotransporter beta domain
1T16 FadL 1T16 X-ray (2.6A) E. coli Bacterial long-chain fatty acid transporter
1FEP FepA 1FEP X-ray (2.4A) E. coli Ferric eneterobactin receptor
1KMO FecA 1KMO X-ray (2.0A) E. coli Outer membrane iron(III)dicitrate transport protein.
1NQE BTUB 1NQE X-ray (2.0A) E. coli Outer membrane cobalamin transporter
1XKW FptA 1XKW X-ray (2.0A) P. aeruginosa Pyochelin receptor
2FCP FhuA 2FCP X-ray (2.5A) E. coli Ferric hydroxamate uptake receptor with bound lipopolysaccharide
2QCZ YaeT 2QCZ X-ray (2.7A) E. coli Outer membrane protein assembly factor yaeT
2QDZ fhac 2QDZ X-ray (3.15A) E. coli A member of the omp85/tpsb transporter family
2HDF Cir 2HDF X-ray(2.65) E. coli Colicin I receptor
2VQI PapC 2VQI X-ray (2.2A) E. coli P pilus usher translocation domain, PapC
2K4T VDAC-1 2K4T NMR H. Sapiens VDAC-1 voltage dependent anion channel
1EK9 TolC 1EK9 X-ray (2.1A) E. coli Integral outer membrane protein efflux pump component
1YC9 VceC 1YC9 X-ray (1.8A) V. cholerae Drug efflux protein VceC
1WP1 OprM 1WP1 X-ray (2.6A) P. aeruginosa Drug efflux protein OprM
7AHL Alpha-hemolysin 7AHL X-ray (1.9A) S. aureus Staphylococcal alpha-hemolysin, heptameric transmembrane pore
1YGM Mistic 1YGM NMR B. subtilis Mistic membrane integrating protein
1C3W bR 1C3W X-ray (2.3A) H. salinarum Bacteriorhodopsin - ground state wild type
1E12 hR 1E12 X-ray (1.8A) H. salinarum Light-driven chloride pump halorhodopsin
1H2S SRII 1H2S X-ray (1.9A) N. pharaonis Sensory Rhodopsin II-transducer complex
1VGO Archaerhodopsin 1VGO X-ray (2.5A) Halobacterium sp. Archaerhodopsin 2
2EI4 Archaerhodopsin-2 2EI4 X-ray (2.1A) Archaea Proton pump
1U19 rhodopsin 1U19 X-ray (2.2A) B. taurus G-protein coupled receptor
2Z73 Rhodopsin 2Z73 X-ray (2.5A) Todarodes pacificus Rhodopsin from Japanese flying squid
2ZIY Rhodopsin 2ZIY X-ray (3.7A) T. pacificus Squid Rhodopsin
3CAP Opsin 3CAP X-ray (2.9A) B. taurus Rhodopsin in ligand-free state (opsin)
2RH1 B2-adrenergic GPCR 2RH1 X-ray (2.4A) S. frugiperda G protein-coupled receptor
2VT4 beta-1 2VT4 X-ray (2.7A) M. gallopavo Turkey ?1 adrenergic receptor
1K4C KcsA 1K4C X-ray (2.0A) S. lividans Potassium channel complexed with Fab fragment heavy chain, and in high concentration of K+
1MSL MscL 1MSL X-ray (3.5A) M. tuberculosis MscL homologue. Gated mechanosensitive ion channel.
1MXM MscS 1MXM X-ray (3.9A) E. coli MscS voltage modulated mechanosensitive channel
2OAU MscS 2OAU X-ray (3.7A) E. coli MscS voltage modulated mechanosensitive channel
2VV5 MscS 2VV5 X-ray (3.45A) E. coli MscS in an open conformation
1ORQ KvAP 1ORQ X-ray (3.2A) A. pernix Voltage-dependent potassium channel in complex with an Fab
1ORS KvAP VS 1ORS X-ray (1.9A) A. pernix KvAP potassium channel voltage sensor domain in complex with an Fab
2A0L KvAP 2A0L X-ray(3.9A) A. pernix Voltage gated potassium channel, crystallised with 33h1 fv fragment
1P7B KirBac1.1 1P7B X-ray (2.6A) B. pseudomallei Inward rectifier potassium channel
1XL4 KirBac3.1 1XL4 X-ray (2.6A) M. magnetotacticum Inward rectifier K+ channel, intermediate state
2AHY NaK 2AHY X-ray (2.4A) B. cereus Na K transport protein
2BBJ CorA 2BBJ X-ray (3.9 A) T. maritima Mg2+ Transporter
2BG9 nAChR 2BG9 Cryo-EM (4A) T. marmorata Refined structure of the nicotinic acetylcholine receptor
2QKS Kir3.1 channel 2QKS X-ray (2.2A) E. coli Kir3.1-prokaryotic Kir channel chimera: monomer, open and closed structures.
2R9R Kv1.2-2.1 chimera 2R9R X-ray (2.4A) Pichia pastoris Monomer of voltage dependent ion channel
3BEH Cnric 3BEH X-ray (3.1A) E. coli Cyclic nucleotide regulated ion channel
2QTS Acid-sensing ic 2QTS X-ray (1.9A) S. frugiperda Low pH ion channel
2VL0 ELIC ion channel 2VL0 X-ray(3.3A) E. chrysanthemi Ligand gated ion channel.
3BKD M2 3BKD X-ray(2.5A) Synthetic construct M2 influenza protein
1FX8 GlpF 1FX8 X-ray (2.2A) E. coli Glycerol uptake facilitator protein
2B2F Amt-1 2B2F X-ray (1.7A) A. fulgidus Ammonium transporter amt-1.
1U77 AmtB 1U77 X-ray (1.4A) E. coli Ammonia channel
1Z98 SoPiP2 1Z98 X-ray (2.1A) S. oleracea Aquaporin SoPiP2
1YMG Aqp0 1YMG X-ray (2.2A) B. taurus Aquaporin 0 from ocular lens fiber cell plasma membrane
1J4N Aqp1 1J4N X-ray (2.2A) B. taurus Aquaporin 1
2ABM AqpZ 2ABM X-ray (3.2A) E. coli Aquaporin Z
2D57 Aqp4 2D57 X-ray (3.2A) R. norvegicus Aquaporin 4, residues 23-323
2F2B AqpM 2F2B X-ray (1.7A) M. thermoautotrophicum Aquaporin M
3D9S AQP5 3D9S X-ray (2.0A) H. sapiens AQP5 aquaporin water channel
1RHZ SecY 1RHZ X-ray (3.5A) M. jannaschii Protein conducting channel - preprotein translocase
3B9W Nitrosomonas europae 3B9W X-ray (1.3A) E. coli Ammonium transporter family
3C02 PfAQP 3C02 X-ray (2.05A) P.falciparum PfAQP aquaglyceroporin
2IC8 glpg 2IC8 X-ray (2.1A) E. coli Rhomboid family intramembrane protease glpg.
1KPL H+/Cl- transporter 1KPL X-ray (3.0A) S. typhimurium H+/Cl- exchange transporter
1OTS ClC 1OTS X-ray (2.5A) E. coli Voltage-gated H+/Cl- exchange transporter and Fab complex
2DHH ArcB 2DHH X-ray (2.8A) E. coli Multidrug efflux transporter, acriflavine resistance protein B.
2UUH C4 synthase 2UUH X-ray(2.15) H. sapiens Leukotriene C4 synthase
1PV7 LacY 1PV7 X-ray (3.6A) E. coli Lactose permease with TDG
1PW4 G3P 1PW4 X-ray (3.3A) E. coli Glycerol 3 phosphate transporter
2GFP ErmD 2GFP X-ray (3.5A) E. coli Multidrug resistance protein EmrD
2QFI YiiP 2QFI X-ray(3.8A) E. coli Zinc transporter YiiP
1XFH Glutamate transporte 1XFH X-ray (3.5A) P. horikoshii Glutamate transporter homolog - proton glutamate symport protein
2A65 LEUTAA 2A65 X-ray (1.7A) A. aeolicus vf5 Bacterial homologue of Na+/Cl- dependent neurotransmitter transporters, symporter (Snf family)
2NWL GltPh 2NWL X-ray (3A) E. coli Glutamate symport protein
3DH4 Na/sugar symporter 3DH4 X-ray (2.70A) V. parahaemolyticus Sodium Galactose Symporter.
3F3E LeuT 3F3E x-ray (1.8 A) Aquifex aeolicus Bound Leucine
1ZCD NhaA 1ZCD X-ray (3.5A) E. coli Na+/H+ antiporter
1L7V BtuC 1L7V X-ray (3.2A) E. coli Bacterial ABC transporter involved in vitamin B12 uptake - permease protein BtuC
2HYD sav1866 2HYD X-ray (3.0A) S. aureus Multidrug ABC transporter homologue
2NQ2 ABC transporter 2NQ2 X-ray (2.4A) H. influenzae Putative metal-chelating ABC transporter
3D31 ModBC 3D31 X-ray (3.0A) M. acetivorans ModBC Molybdate ABC Transporter.
1YEW oxidoreductase 1YEW X-ray (2.8A) M. capsulatus Particulate methane monooxygenase
1EYS RC 1EYS X-ray (2.2A) T. tepidum Photosynthetic reaction center from a thermophilic bacterium
1OGV RC 1OGV X-ray (2.4A) R. sphaeroides Photosynthetic reaction centre
1LGH LHII 1LGH X-ray (2.4A) R. molishianum Light harvesting complex II
1NKZ LH2 1NKZ X-ray (2.5A) R. acidophila Light-harvesting protein LH2 B800-850
1RWT LHC 1RWT X-ray (2.7A) S. oleracea Major light-harvesting complex, Chlorophyll A-B binding protein
1VF5 b6f 1VF5 X-ray (3.0A) M. laminosus Cytochrome b6f complex
1SU4 Ca-ATPase 1SU4 X-ray (2.4A) O. cuniculus Sarcoplasmic/endoplasmic reticulum calcium ATPase with two bound calcium ions
1XP5 ATPase 1XP5 X-ray (3.0A) O. cuniculus Sarcoplasmic/endoplasmic reticulum Ca ATPase
1YCE Na-ATPase 1YCE X-ray (2.4A) I. tartaricus Structure of the rotor ring of F-type Na+-ATPase, subunit c
2BL2 V-ATPase 2BL2 X-ray (2.1A) E. hirae Membrane rotor of Vacuolar-type sodium ATPase, subunit K
1OKC ADP/ATP carrier 1OKC X-ray (2.2A) B. taurus Mitochondrial ADP/ATP carrier in complex with carboxyatractyloside heart isoform T1
1KQF Oxidoreductase 1KQF X-ray (1.6A) E. coli Nitrate inducible formate dehydrogenase
1L0V Reductase 1L0V X-ray (3.3A) E. coli Fumarate reductase
1NEK Oxidoreductase 1NEK X-ray (2.6A) E. coli Complex (II), succinate dehydrogenase flavoprotein subunit.
1NEN Oxidoreductase 1NEN X-ray (3.9A) E. Coli Succinate dehydrogenase
1Q16 oxidoreductase 1Q16 X-ray (1.9A) E. coli Respiratory nitrate reductase
1QLB Reductase 1QLB X-ray (2.3A) W. succinogenes Respiratory complex II-like fumarate reductase
1ZOY Complex II 1ZOY X-ray (2.4A) S. scrofa Mitochondrial Respiratory membrane protein Complex II from porcine heart bound with 3-nitropropionate and 2-thenoyltrifluoroacetone
2BS2 oxidoreductase 2BS2 X-ray (1.8A) W. succinogenes Quinol-fumarate reductase
2J7A NrfH 2J7A X-ray (2.3A) D. vulgaris NrfH Cytochrome C Quinol Dehydrogenase in complex with NrfA Cytochrome C Nitrate Reductase
1EHK Oxidoreductase 1EHK X-ray (2.4A) T. thermophilus ba3 type cytochrome c oxidase
1OCC Oxidoreductase 1OCC X-ray (2.8A) B. taurus Bovine heart cytochrome C oxidase
1QLE oxidoreductase 1QLE X-ray (3.0A) P. denitrificans Four-subunit cytochrome C oxidase. Structure was determined in complex with and antibody fragment.
2GSM oxidoreductase 2GSM X-ray (2.0A) R. sphaeroides Catalytic core (subunits I & II) of cytochrome C oxidase
2HI7 DsbB-DsbA 2HI7 X-ray (3.7A) E. coli Disulfide interchange protein dsbA in complex with disulfide bond formation protein B
1EZV Oxidoreductase 1EZV X-ray (2.3A) S. cerevisiae Cytochrome bc 1 complex co-crystallized with and antibody fv-fragment
1BGY Oxidoreductase 1BGY X-ray (3.0A) B. taurus Cytochrome bc1 complex from bovine heart muscle

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